Online Scanner

Our Online Scanner will scan your full Attack Surface (including Website Scanner) for vulnerabilities.   Manage Vulnerabilities for your Office, Data Centers, Cloud, Websites, and SaaS applications with our one-click Online Scanner.   


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Easy Vulnerability Assessment

Our Online Scanner allows you to manage vulnerabilities with our full set of Vulnerability Scanning Tools.  Aimed at both professional security personnel and IT Owners.  Create your full vulnerability assessment report in minutes.

  • Scan the full 65,535 port range
  • Scan against the full CVE Vulnerability Database
  • OWASP Top 10 Website Scanner
  • Robo Shadow AI & NMAP Scanner 
  • SSL Encryption and Shodan Scanner
  • Create one-click Vulnerability Assessment Report
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Known Vulnerabilities
Exploitable Ports
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Manage Vulnerabilities

Our Online Scanner includes Robo Gaurd which allows users to Manage Vulnerabilities via our automation & alerting engine.   Just input your IP addresses and Website URLs (Attack Surface) and one-click automate regular vulnerability scanning. 

  • Automated Online Scanner
  • Get Alerts for any ports/vulnerabilities detected
  • Get Cyber Best Practise UK Support
  • Receive Daily Vulnerability Report
  • Unlimited regular scans

Use the

Online Scanner
Completely free

Vulnerability Scanning tools

Our Online Scanner features a full set of vulnerability scanning tools to ensure that you regularly keep on top of your attack surface cyber security and can produce a full Vulnerability Assessment Report.

  • Unlimited Vulnerability Assessment Reports
  • Gather Evidence for Cyber Audits
  • Unlimited Online Scanner
  • Full Cyber Compliance Tool (internal & external)
  • Robo AI Vulnerability Scanner Overlay
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The Robo Shadow way

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Scan your entire organisation for security risks

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Detect where you are most vulnerable

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Remove all vunerabilties

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Stay ahead of bad actors by constantly checking your attack surface

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RMM Control 90%
Geo Location 70%
White labeling 60%