Cyber Security

Internal & External Cyber management,
“See what a hacker would see if they scanned your network”

Network Scanning

Scan and manage your External IP and Web Attack Surface

Cyber Management

Reconcile and vulnerability manage your devices


Integrate and cyber manage SaaS platforms


Get advice and consultancy on the best way to ‘Certify’ your defence

Know more, and reduce your cyber fatigue

Manage your Cyber Compliance & Daily Reporting Obligations


For both external scanning of your IP addresses and device security compliance. Robo Shadow allows you to perform the main constituent parts of an internal and external penetration test.


Make your Cyber Data manageable. Centralise your Cyber Data to help you manage Cyber Compliance and Cyber Testing

Cyber Team

Not just “software” our Cyber Team are there to offer you guidance and advice on Cyber matters effecting your technology estate

Zero Trust

Ensure that your External Networks and Devices are following a Zero trust approach to keeping out bad actors

"Robo Shadow helped our start up grow with agility right the way through to being acquired."
Bernie Thurston

About Us

As a start-up, one of the most exciting aspects of it all is the journey we are on and the process of working out what type of organisation we want to be. We feel that releasing our product as “open-source” is an option we would like to explore in future, and we welcome any feedback on that concept. For now, our core mission statement is to “Make Cyber Security Simple, So That Everyone Has a Chance”.

We want to achieve this by ensuring we give our users a complete “Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment” (both internal and externally). From here, we will instantly issue a robust, guided approach to remediating Cyber Risk for everyone. Instead of paying out £15,000 for a one-off penetration test, we want to bring you this value in a dashboard, delivered daily, and therefore help you evolve your own “Cyber Compliance” processes bit by bit.

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