Vulnerability Scanner

Our world-class free vulnerability scanner is included within our Cyber Platform, and is designed to detect and identify any weaknesses within your system or network. With regular scanning, you can keep your IT operations fully secure, ensuring maximum protection against malicious attacks. 

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Microsoft Surface Hub (1)


Vulnerability Scanner engine

(Internal & External) – Full Certifiable Attack Surface Vulnerability Reporting.

  • External IPs & Website 65,535 Port Scanner (inc. Shodan)
  • Internal Windows App Vulnerability Dashboard
  • Full CVE Vulnerability Assessment PDF Report
  • Website OWASP Vulnerability Scanning
  • Daily Scanning & Automation (Robo Guard)

Free evidencable vulnerability reporting for both External IP addresses (External Attack Surface) and Endpoint / Devices. Being able to get both an internal and external vulnerability assessments of your estate is a large portion of a standard corporate penetration test.

The Robo Shadow platform effectively allows companies, institutions, and individuals to get access to a vulnerability assessment report daily.

*90% of our functionality is available on our “World’s Best Cyber Free Tier

The Robo Shadow way

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Scan your entire organisation for security risks

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Detect where you are most vulnerable

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Remove all vunerabilties

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Stay ahead of bad actors by constantly checking your attack surface

“All the tools needed to help pass Compliance Certifications and Penetration Tests - Delivered Free daily in a de-mystifying way by a world class cyber support team”

What Our
Clients Say

  • "Robo Shadow is super quick to setup and cost effective Cyber management."
    Manny, 3GV
  • "The Robo Shadow platform allows us to keep tabs on our External Attack Surface."
    Ben, Crank
  • "An essential security and analysis tool… I use it every day!"
    Bernie, Ultumus
  • "The Robo Shadow platform worked wonders for our Penetration Testing."
    Kevin, Hotwire
  • "Responsive, friendly and cost-effective security solutions. I'd happily recommend them to industry peers."
    David empiric
    David, Empiric
  • "Robo Shadow is helping us turn Cyber Security into a profit centre."
    Morgan 3Gi
    Morgan, 3Gi

Who is Robo Shadow for?

IT Owners who need tools to manage cyber and report governance to management

MSPs who want to earn more money out of Cyber Security in general

IT Security People who need centralised tools to manage client cyber portfolios

Organisations that know they need a CSO but don’t have the budget

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