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Mobile Network Scanner

Our Android Network scanner is the most advanced Cyber Utility in the Play Store and lets you easily scan your network for security threats.


Cyber security Protection from the palm of your hand

Our Free Vulnerability Scanner App means that you can can scan your network for cyber security threats from the palm of your hand.

  • Perform a quick penetration test on any Wi-Fi Network
  • Scan your network for connected devices
  • Search for open & unsecured ports on your network
  • Save the IP addresses of your favourite devices for quick health checks

Our goal is to demystify cyber security, so that everyone has a chance. What better place to start than giving the world a phone app that anyone can use, anywhere to do a quick vulnerability assessment.


Our mobile vulnerability scanner was originally built to demonstrate the simplicity we felt was needed in the Cyber Security industry. Our free app has since gone viral, allowing people and businesses all over the world to increase their Cyber Security posture for free, in a few short taps.


The app uses your phone's GSM SIM internet to scan your IP address on any Wi-Fi network. You can perform an external vulnerability assessment (CVE) and pull back Shodan data, all from a handy, simple, Android interface. You can also save your favourites so you can quickly scan your whole attack surface in seconds.

Local Network

Device Scan
Discover network attached devices in a neat & simple to use discovery scan. This IOT scanning capability can find anything from smart plugs to hidden surveillance cameras. Perfect for the security conscious or network professional to have a mobile scanning utility.


For both internal devices and external networks, all of our Android device scanning can be done against the global threat CVE vulnerability databases. All the fingerprinted data which is returned can easily be scanned against the global vulnerability databases all condensed into a neat report to share / save.

The Robo Shadow way

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Scan your entire network for security risks

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Detect which devices a hacker could see

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Work out where you have vulnerabilities with our port scanner

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Stay ahead of cyber threats by completing regular scans from the tap of your finger

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