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Our cyber scan technology will allow you to scan
networks for the same exploits that hackers will
look for.

As a start-up, one of the most exciting aspects is the journey we are on and the process of working out what type of organisation we want to be. We feel that releasing our product as “open-source” is an option we would like to explore in future, and we welcome any feedback on that concept. For now, our core mission statement is to “Make Cyber Security simple , so that everyone has a chance”.

We hope to achieve this by ensuring we give our users a free and complete Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment, that covers both internal and external attack platforms. From here, we offer a simple daily dashboard that lists out your vulnerabilities and allows remediation to happen seamlessly from the console. Our platform allows our users to evolve their own Cyber Compliance processes bit by bit.

About Us


Terry Lewis

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Head of Operations

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Head of Sales

Jonathan Collins

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Chief Technology Officer

Mark Hobart

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Chief Finance Officer

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Chief Marketing Officer

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Driven by Science

We are blessed to work in an ever-changing and fast-paced technological era; we spend a lot of time building proof of concept experimental technology so we can test the boundaries of Cyber Tech.

Driven to Accomplish More

We want to simplify cyber security, so everyone has the same chance. By making these usually “Enterprise Features” available to the broader market in many cases for free. We hope to help everyone protect their own networks like the pros.

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What Our
Clients Say

  • "Robo Shadow is super quick to setup and cost effective Cyber management."
    Manny, 3GV
  • "The Robo Shadow platform allows us to keep tabs on our External Attack Surface."
    Ben, Crank
  • "An essential security and analysis tool… I use it every day!"
    Bernie, Ultumus
  • "The Robo Shadow platform worked wonders for our Penetration Testing."
    Kevin, Hotwire
  • "Responsive, friendly and cost-effective security solutions. I'd happily recommend them to industry peers."
    David empiric
    David, Empiric
  • "Robo Shadow is helping us turn Cyber Security into a profit centre."
    Morgan 3Gi
    Morgan, 3Gi