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We believe that true innovation is born out of the need for simplicity.



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Our cyber scan technology will allow you to scan networks for the same exploits that hackers will look for. SIGN UP TODAY


Robo Shadow Cyber Platform

  • Keep track of your External Vulnerabilities
  • Report on your Zero Trust compliance across your Devices.
  • Report Device Vulnerabilities across the whole estate
  • Report Windows Defender Centrally (migrate away from your AV to Windows Defender)
  • Report Centrally your Windows Update Compliance
  • Collate the data needed to pass Penetration Tests across your IT Estate.
  • Reconcile your machines with Azure / On-Prem Active Directory
  • Track Firewall usage across the estate
  • Track any non-encrypted disks across your estate
  • Easily report on rogue vulnerable software across the estate
Completely Free for Internal Teams and Industry Professionals.  Fully supported by our Cyber Team.


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Manage Vulnerabilities

For both Internal and External Networks

Centralise Defence

Manage Windows Defender & Updates

Cyber Team Managed

Supported by our "Cyber Desk"

Zero Trust Enabled

Move your estate to Zero Trust Compliance

An essential security and analysis tool…
I use it every day!

Bernie Thurston

Bernie Thurston

Chief Executive Officer at Ultumus

Free Zero Trust Agents can be distributed across your Network and Devices, combined with our External Vulnerability Scanning, makes Robo Shadow a Premier option to manage your Attack Surface.

Robo Shadow - Making Security Simple


Robo Shadow Android Scanner

The Robo Shadow Android App is for the Cyber Professional / Enthusiast on the go,   we have managed to cram in a lot of tech into a small little app.

Download the Android App

Roboshadow shown on a laptop, tablet and mobile

Security Scanner

Is your network secure?

Self Pen Testing

What do Hackers see?

Device Discovery

Discover Active Devices

Service Discovery

Discover Active Ports & Services

Why RoboShadow?

We at Robo Shadow are trying to bridge the gap between the top tier organisations that can afford everything and everyone else who has to “Make it up as they go along” when it comes to Cyber.

Our extensive AI Cyber Platform is built on the latest technology Microsoft, Google and Amazon Web Services has to offer by triangulating the best from each of the critical cloud platforms.

The Robo Shadow team are able to deliver enterprise-grade tools for your organisation backed up by the UK based Cyber Support team to help you make sense of your cyber attack surface data.

With an intuitive design and daily reporting, the Robo Shadow environment allows your team to move to a “Daily Sec Ops” style, making digesting Cyber Posture more easily digestible in regular bite-sized chunks instead of dealing with “Annual Penetration Test anxiety”.

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