SafetyDetectives Exclusive: Interview with RoboShadow's Terry Lewis

Terry got to chat with the SafetyDetectives team, a group of cybersecurity professionals and tech reviewers spread out worldwide. They talked about why Terry started RoboShadow, what it does to help businesses, and his take on the big cybersecurity issues today.

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Terry pointed out the problems with using multi-factor authentication (MFA) the wrong way and why using Bitlocker is super important. His advice is super useful for companies trying to keep their data safe, especially with more people working from home.


You can check out the Full Interview here 




Posted by Jacob Grimwood

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In my role as a Marketing Coordinator at Roboshadow, I blend creativity with strategy to enhance our brand, bringing a fresh perspective to our digital presence. Like any good marketer, I'm taking this opportunity to plug our YouTube channel! Have a look into our educational cybersecurity videos on the RoboShadow YouTube channel.

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