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Our Android scanner is the most advanced Cyber Utility in the Play Store and a top 10 common organic result for many Cyber Security Search teams.


Originally built for us to demonstrate the simplicity we felt was needed in the Cyber Security industry to help bridge the gap for everyone. Very soon this tool has gone viral and is loved by organic search engines allowing people all over the world to increase their Cyber Posture for Free.


Effectively allows you to use your GSM SIM’s internet access to scan your own IP address. Join to any Wi-Fi network and perform an external vulnerability assessments (CVE) and pull back Shodan data all from a handy, simple to use Android interface. We also have included the ability to save favourites so you can quickly scan your whole attack surface from a favourites list in seconds.

Local Network
Device Scan

Discover network attached devices in a neat simple to use discovery scan. This IOT scanning capability can find anything from smart plugs to hidden surveillance cameras. Perfect for the security conscious or network professional to have a mobile scanning utility.


For both internal devices and external networks, all of our Android device scanning can be done against the global threat CVE vulnerability databases. All the fingerprinted data which is returned can easily be scanned against the global vulnerability databases all condensed into a neat report to share / save.

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