Another 136 Items released and Cyber Heal Major Update

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 Please see below details of our mid-month release,  a whacking 136 fixes and enhancements but also a big update to Cyber Heal,  this is the very latest version of Winget which clears up a load of issues from Microsoft’s perspective. Every fix you perform gives us more test data so the more you use Cyber Heal the better it will get for all of your accounts.

Remember MSPs currently get Cyber Heal for Free,  any end users who want to tidy up their environments for a short period. This note is actually the combination of 3 releases we have done so far this month alone, the team is now concentrating on getting our Q1 goals delivered which is looking really good.


Update Video on Cyber Heal


Link to all 136 Items (our most tickets done in 2 weeks yet):  Release160.csv


 🔧Cyber Heal & Winget Major Update (solves 20% of Cyber Heal issues)

We have upgraded to the latest version of Winget, which has significantly enhanced the Cyber Heal process. We are now ready to automate the easier and lower-priority applications. At this point, we are dealing with edge cases, and we would appreciate your assistance in having a big test / play with the latest version. 

🗂️ PSA System Go Live for Beta Client

We now have Jira live with a Beta client, bringing us close to starting a wider roll out. We have built connectors to several platforms, including ConnectWise, ServiceNow, Halo, SuperOps, ZenDesk, Zoho,Syncro. These integrations are relatively straightforward, so feel free to let me know if there are any other ticket systems you would like us to consider.

 🤖Ultimate Cyber Report in full production

We have resolved all the bug requests reported by users for the Ultimate Cyber Report. Please test it thoroughly and let us know if there are any additional improvements you'd like to see. We will soon be adding a version that allows for Cyber Essentials reports and converting it into a full PenTest template.

🍏Updates & Fixes to the Mac Beta

We have made updates to the Mac beta in preparation for its full version release in June.  We plan to release updates to the Beta with each new version, aiming to fully transition out of Beta for the Mac agent by end of June. We apologise for the slow progress, but we have now gained significant momentum for the Mac agent.

Next release information:

  • Benchmarks Backend: Implemented and will be released in Beta soon.

  • New Agent: Coming out at the end of the month, this update will address all known issues with data frequency and app updates.

  • Microsoft Upgraded Integration: This will begin rolling out in the next release.

  • Install via Intune: The Beta version will be available in the next release.

  • Suppression Capability will be rolled out to Windows Apps.

  • LAN Scanner for RoboGuard: We aim to release a Beta version of this feature in the next release.

  • Payments and Invoices available on the platform 


 136 Fixes / Enhancements Rolled out (Our biggest yet):
Please see link to the right for all the other fixes rolled out to the platform : Release160.csv

As always let me know if you have any questions.
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