June Big Functionality Updates

Hi All, 

Just to give everyone an update as to the changes and fixes that have gone in across 4/5 releases in the month of June. We have managed to get 307 tickets done in June and we are planning to release 3 major brand-new pieces of functionality in the month of July. 


Below are some of the highlights from the new functionality as it progresses. 


Install via Intune

The ability to roll out the RoboShadow agent via Intune as a 1 click operation is now up and running and working for initial users. On the devices page you can choose to either roll out the RoboShadow agent to individual devices or sync the whole tenancy with Intune so that all new devices are updated with the RoboShadow agent as soon as they are discovered. 


roboshadow intune dashboard


PSA Integration 

We are doing well here and are ready for more people to come forward who want to roll out PSA integrations. We have had some great feedback so far so please get in touch and we will walk through onboarding with you.   We find these types of integrations fairly simple so feel free to suggest other partner integrations you would like us to look at. Is anyone wanting a Vanta integration done ? 

roboshadow drop down menu


Roboshadow psa dashboard



JIRA - Pilot User Rolled Out

Super Ops - Pilot User Rolled Out

ZenDesk - Ready for test users

Service Now - Ready for test users

FreshService - - Ready for test users

Zoho Service Desk Plus - Ready for test users

AutoTask - Ready for test users

Halo - Ready for test users

Syncro - Ready for test users

Connectwise - Ready for test users


Cyber Heal (Winget Exit)

We have now started the move away from Winget, we will still have 7000+ applications available to upgrade across the platform.  However, now with the new "Retry failed applications" process we have started to move away from Winget. We have started rolling out problematic apps (like Teamviewer, 7-Zip, and VLC) within this new functionality, next week we will roll this new tech out to all 7000+ applications in the repository. This new tech improves the success rate by about 35%.


Please see 307 updates added to the platform in June : 🔗 release 162.xlsx


As always please get in touch if you have any questions.


Best Regards


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