RoboShadow Platform: Dashboard Overview


The RoboShadow Dashboard is designed to offer a simple overview of your cyber security posture. We have put together a quick video that walks you through the core features of the dashboard. The dashboard is designed to act as a single pane-of-glass, and streamline the data that is being captured in the RoboShadow platform.


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A screenshot of the the central RoboShadow dashboard, showing the results of the most recent external vulnerability scan.


FREE Feature: External Vulnerability Scanner

The vulnerability scan feature at the top of the RoboShadow dashboard allows users to run scans directly from the dashboard, as well as review previous results.

Key features include:

    • Last 5 IP Addresses Scanned: Shows evaluated IPs and detected ports, apps and CVEs.
    • Last 5 Websites & Domains Scanned: Provides ports and apps detected on scanned domains.
    • Last 5 Vulnerabilities Detected: Highlights the most recent top CVEs detected.


Underneath the summary, you can also see what is enabled as part of your license, such as what is being scanned and what premium features are active. 

  • Attack Surface Discovery: Automatic discovery of IP addresses and host names within a network via reverse lookup.
  • Attack Surface Mapper: An overview of your attack surface.

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FREE Feature: Device Vulnerability Insights

With the RoboShadow agent installed, the dashboard offers a vulnerability assessment across your devices. The dashboard highlights the most vulnerable apps, devices, and critical CVEs in a single view, listing the top 5 most critical.

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FREE Feature: anti-Virus Management Report

For environments that employ a mix of third-party antivirus solutions and Windows Defender, the dashboard showcases the current compliance status of your antivirus. 

  • Devices with no Antivirus: The dashboard highlights devices that are not currently protected by Windows Defender, or a 3rd Party AV solution.
  • Anti-Virus Update Status:  This view allows a simple overview of devices that are outstanding updates (this is a common failure in Penetration Testing).
  • Ransomware Enablement: This statistic shows which devices do not have the anti-ransomware element of Defender enabled (Which Microsoft turns off by default!). We have tested this and it seems to work reasonably well. 
  • Open Firewall Monitoring: This stat covers any devices where the Defender Firewall has been left open.
  • Current Threats Detected: The dashboard shows any current active threats being reported by antivirus software.
  • Windows Defender Management: For SMBs utilising Windows Defender's base product, the RoboShadow dashboard allows central monitoring of all of the core Windows Defender counters.

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FREE Feature: Windows Update Report

This section of the dashboard monitors the Windows Update status of all devices. This allows any laptops, desktops or servers out of compliance to be quickly remediated.

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FREE Feature: BitLocker & Data Security Report

BitLocker is well known to lack central management under Free tiers within Microsoft. The dashboard shows the BitLocker compliance status of devices, and identifies those which have un-encrypted disks. In the UK for example, if a company loses a laptop with an unencrypted disk there is a legal obligation to report this to the ICO (Information Commissioners Office).

There is also a statistic that shows the amount of USB disks in use within the organisation.

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FREE Feature: MFA Compliance

Azure and 365 MFA non-conformance is often a failure point on penetration tests as it's one of the easiest ways to get hacked. The RoboShadow dashboard gives a simple overview of any users not protected by MFA allowing for easy monitoring.

  • Global Administrators: The dashboard shows any global admins who do not have MFA enabled, and also who they are. This could be also used to check if any users are using their primary account as a Global Admin, instead of elevating.
  • Guests without MFA: This is also tracked as part of the dashboard.

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FREE Feature: Hardware & OS Status Report

The RoboShadow dashboard provides insights into the hardware in use and flags any systems approaching their end-of-life, prompting for timely updates.

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Premium Feature: Report Generation

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For those who need to share insights, the dashboard allows the transformation of its data into downloadable PDF reports. This allows the export of the dashboard into a shareable PDF document, useful for communicating insights and action points across colleagues, stakeholders, or clients.

Quick Tip! Ctrl + Q

The RoboShadow Dashboard is built for ease of use. Quick shortcuts, such as 'CTRL + Q', help users navigate between accounts so you can see how your doing across a whole bunch of accounts. 

We hope you found this summary useful, and would love to hear your feedback on our features or any features you would like to see.

Please email us at  with any feedback or questions!

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