RoboShadow Platform: 'V-Scanner' Premium Features

As cyber-attacks grow in complexity and frequency, so must the tools we use to detect and combat them. Within our Premium Tier, we offer upgrades to various parts of the RoboShadow platform but this article details what upgrades are available for the our External scanning capability "V Scanner".

  • RoboGuard for continuous protection.
  • RoboAI for enhanced vulnerability management.
  • A strategic Shodan integration for unparalleled insights.

This video and blog explores the intricacies of these features and reveal how they collectively offer additional cyber security protection. 


RoboGuard: Continuous Scanning for Constant Protection

RoboGuard sets itself apart with its continuous scanning solution. Unlike one-time scans, this feature actively and regularly monitors websites and IP addresses. Notably, RoboGuard doesn't just scan; it delivers real-time alerts about new vulnerabilities or unexpected port activities. From mistakenly opened ports to emerging vulnerabilities in existing applications, RoboGuard ensures you're always aware and prepared.

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RoboAI - AI Accuracy and Prioritisation 

While most vulnerability management tools boast an accuracy rate of around 76%, RoboShadow's RoboAI strives to push that number higher.

RoboAI enhances vulnerability identification and management through refined accuracy and effectiveness.

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Shodan Integration - Insights from the "Hacker's Search Engine"

Through integrating Shodan with RoboShadow, businesses gain a hacker's perspective on their systems. Monitoring IP addresses through RoboShadow via Shodan offers insights into what potential hackers might know about your infrastructure.

shodan website

Any Questions?

If you have questions or need support, reach out via email at or utilize the 'Support' option within the RoboShadow console. 

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