Silent Command Line Parameters: What Are They and Why Are They Necessary?

Learn about why RoboShadow uses Silent Command Line Parameters, and why they are necessary.

What are Silent Command Line Parameters?

When remotely managing and installing software, especially for multiple systems or network endpoints, one of the key features administrators look for is the ability to perform 'silent installations'. This essentially means the software will install on a target computer with no interaction from the user, no dialogs popping up, and no interruption to the user's activities. Silent installations are a crucial feature for managed services providers (MSPs) and IT administrators managing a large number of machines.

That's where 'silent command line parameters' come into play. These are specific instructions or arguments that you pass to the setup executable (MSI/EXE) of the software when launching it. These instructions are generally given through the command line interface and inform the installer to run in silent or unattended mode.


For instance, when installing a software with a Microsoft Installer Package (MSI), the "/quiet" or "/qn" parameter can be used for a silent installation:

msiexec.exe /i "Installer.msi" /quiet

screenshot of msi with silent switch

MSI with Silent switch 


For executable installers (EXE), silent parameters vary widely from one software to another. Common ones include "/S", "/s", "/silent", "/quiet", "/qn", etc. Always refer to the documentation of the specific software for the correct parameters. Or check web sites such as IT Ninja that have databases of common applications silent switches.


screenshot of exe with

exe with silent switch


Why are silent installations relevant to Roboshadow?

Our remote management software requires you to provide these silent command line parameters for our control agent to perform silent installations. By supplying these parameters, you empower the control agent to install software without any need for human intervention. Without a silent switch proved the control agent will just hang waiting for user input.

However, it's crucial to remember that not all software supports silent installation. The developer of the software provides these options, and it's always a good idea to review the software's documentation or reach out to the software vendor to understand the correct silent parameters for installation.

For our system to work optimally, we strongly recommend that you always provide the correct silent parameters when using our custom MSI / EXE upload feature. This will ensure smooth and unattended software deployments, greatly enhancing your ability to manage systems effectively and with minimal disruptions.


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