RoboShadow Platform: Data & Disk Encryption

The Data and Disk Dashboard gives users a view to manage BitLocker encryption across their entire environment.  BitLocker is almost now ubiquitous and has been adopted globally due to its user-friendly nature and integration with the rest of the Windows world. We have put together this guide and video to run through the Data / Disk Dashboard and how it can be used as part of a Cyber Security encryption strategy. 

The RoboShadow Data/Disk Dashboard also allows you keep taps on key vital disk metrics like Shares / Disks Utilisation and also USB usage across the estate. 

How to Access the data / disk Dashboard

To reach the data disk segment in the RoboShadow platform:

  1. 1. Navigate to the top main navigation bar and hover over DEVICE REPORTS.
  2. 2. Select the Data / Disks option. 

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BitLocker Compliance

The Dashboard indicates devices that have BitLocker encryption enabled and clearly maps out the Device Tier (i.e Laptop / Server etc.).

Laptops are usually the devices most at risk of data leakage when not encrypted, which makes them the most important assets to monitor. You can argue that Workstations and Servers kept in locked offices / data centers have less chance of having their Disks physically accessed.  However loosing a laptop on train (or just mobile computing device thefts in general) stands a lot higher risk of your un-encrypted data getting into the wild.   Here in the UK if we lose a laptop on a train which has personal data on it we have to report this to our Information Commissions Office (ICO).



Additional Disk Information Points

There are also additional items to help you track Disk Security in general over and above encryption. 

Shared Folders - Are there any over permissioned shares allowing free / easy access to data.

USB Disks - What USB disks are in the environment and if they are / are not encrypted. 

Low Disk Space - This isn't really security,  its just that a lot of people asked for it for convenience.

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Just simply click a disk to to more information or take advantage of the filters to narrow down your search.

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Any questions?

You can send us an email at Additionally, for our current users, there's a convenient 'Support' option within the RoboShadow console, ensuring you get timely and effective responses. 


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