RoboShadow: How can we help you make money from Cyber ?

One of the most common questions we get from Service Providers is "How best can we utilise your product to make money?"  

This blog post, along with the accompanying video, is dedicated to answering that very question. Our aim is to shed light on the best practices for leveraging RoboShadow to generate revenue. We want to show MSPs how they can utilise our product not only as a cybersecurity solution for their clients but also as a strategic tool to boost their bottom line.

We are very much open to suggestions so please give us your feedback on whatever we can do to help generate more margins for you, using RoboShadow.   


Our Mission To Increase Service Provider Margins

As you probably know our company mission is to level the cyber-security playing field. In order to achieve this, we have to find a way to help service providers make more money from Cyber Security in general so it can be seen as a "profit centre" and not a cost centre.  It doesn't matter how automated security gets it will always need boots on the ground (albeit, virtually) to operate / advise. 

MSPs will remember the good old days of selling servers, storage area networks (SANs), and blade arrays, where profits were plentiful. However, with the advent and subsequent rise of the cloud, service providers are finding themselves in challenging situations, having to think creatively and strategically about how to boost their profit margins.

That's precisely where RoboShadow comes into play. We envision our solution as a strategic tool, a profit-boosting plus product that will catalyse higher margins for Service Providers.

Increasing Profits through Threat Hunting



Let's delve deeper into the first way RoboShadow can help boost the profits for MSPs: offering a simple platform that supports threat hunting for clients, transforming it from an intimidating task into a streamlined, easily managed process. 

  • Step One: The first step involves setting a defined threat hunting budget with the clients. The MSP (Managed Service Provider) collaboratively decides on a budget with their clients, which can be framed either in terms of the time to be spent on threat hunting or the number of threats to be tracked and remediated.

  • Step Two:  With the budget established, MSPs then use RoboShadow as a base to adminster Threat Hunting style activities.  Usually the end client is charged in blocks of 15-60 minutes (taken from the threat hunting budget). 

  • Step Three: After the budget for threat hunting has been fully utilised, MSPs can demonstrate the results from the Threat Hunting budget to then refill the Threat Hunting account.

What are the benefits of offering Threat Hunting?

For clients, adopting an active threat hunting approach brings with it considerable advantages. First and foremost, it elevates their security posture, reducing the risks of cyber threats. Moreover, being able to provide documentation detailing their threat hunting activities and achievements helps clients to potentially lower their insurance premiums. Insurers value this proactive approach to cybersecurity, recognising it as a factor that significantly reduces risk, thereby warranting a reduction in premiums.

Thus, offering threat hunting doesn't only provide a shield against cyber threats; it also brings financial benefits, creating a win-win situation for clients and MSPs alike.   It also helps to stop the issue whereby the client thinks every IT problem should be remediated at the MSP's expense this way clients can choose to fund their Cyber risk (or not) effectively. 

Frame 101

Free Tier "Sticky" Support to Enable Revenue Growth

RoboShadow's unique free model presents another fantastic opportunity for service providers. We call it the 'sticky support model,' it fosters the development of long-term partnerships in cybersecurity.

It simply allows the MSP to provide a Cyber Security element to a bundled service with no additional license costs.   Taking data from the free tier version of RoboShadow will still generate revenue from a "Cyber Remediation" perspective in the form of a Professional Services revenue stream whilst covering Cyber Risk for the client as a value added service. 


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Simplifying your Daily SecOps Offering

RoboShadow is not merely a cybersecurity solution; it's a platform that can be harnessed as a full-fledged Daily SecOps tool. By incorporating our platform into your offerings, MSPs can expand their portfolio to include comprehensive daily SecOps services. 

  • Revenue Generation:  In other areas of our businesses, we charge up to £1500 per month for daily SecOps services using RoboShadow as the baseline. These services often include dealing with novel scenarios such as the detection of machines that have newly appeared on the network, which RoboShadow identifies via Active Directory.

  • Pre-Made Daily Reporting: RoboShadow does more than simply execute these daily security operations; it creates a detailed daily report on the performed activities. This reporting feature provides transparency for the end client and validates the value of the MSP's SecOps service. This, in turn, increases customer satisfaction and retention, which are key drivers of long-term revenue growth.

In summary, by leveraging RoboShadow as a SecOps tool, MSPs can offer a valuable services that both meets the growing cybersecurity needs of their clients and enhance their own revenue streams.


Cyber Heal: One Click Remediation

Cyber Heal, our premium automated remediation solution, provides another avenue for MSPs to augment their profitability.   Simply just by charging a service to keep on top of the Vulnerabilities which can be remediated via Cyber Heal as a "Detection & Response" type activity.

Cyber Heal pop-up example - automated remediation solution

  • Automated Remediation: Cyber Heal identifies vulnerabilities detected by the platform, offering MSPs the capability to remediate them at the push of a button. This can be achieved through Winget or custom software (EXE) or (MSI), reducing the manual labor involved and enabling efficient service delivery.

  • RMM-like Functionality: It operates much like a Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solution, but with the added ability to remove applications entirely if deemed necessary for security purposes.

  • Threat Prioritization: We communicate particularly critical vulnerabilities that we believe should be prioritized for remediation. This allows MSPs to charge their clients for effective cyber remediation using Cyber Heal's functionality.

  • Cost-Effective Pricing: Because Cyber Heal operates as an automated solution, MSPs can provide this service at a competitive price point, providing high value for clients without requiring a large investment.

In essence, Cyber Heal equips MSPs with a powerful, automated tool for cybersecurity remediation. This not only helps strengthen their clients' security posture but also opens up a new, potentially profitable service in their offerings. We are currently offering Cyber Heal free for MSPs  (with minimal conditions) so please contact us on to discuss.


Leveraging Enterprise Support as your own service

MSPs can leverage our Enterprise Support with clients (And charge them their own version of this!), meaning that we can help MSPs deliver a more hands-on,  enterprise grade service to their clients using the RoboShadow platform. The RoboShadow team, whilst not working directly with end-clients can become an extension of the security consultancy team and you charge your clients an "enterprise" upgrade package (we don't want any commission for this).  If you are an MSP and have a premium subscription you can call upon the RoboShadow to help answer any sticky questions you may get from your customers around best practise etc. 

RoboShadow Enterprise support offering - Cyber Compliance and Governance support

Below is an example of additional services you can sell to your clients but supported by us:

  • Dedicated Support: With our enterprise support, clients receive a dedicated account manager and a cybersecurity contact to help with governance issues, reporting requirements for investors or regulators, and general Esupport needs.
  • Governance and Compliance Support: We can offer guidance and advice around helping clients meet the standards of their respective investors or regulatory bodies, and how you as an MSP can support this.

  • Penetration Testing Consultation: We consult with our direct clients on their annual penetration testing exercises, a process that can often be ambiguous. We can support, and give advice onw any trickier questions your clients may have, and sometimes even recommend testers.

  • Dedicated Account Manager: We give our MSP clients a dedicated account manager, which means that they have a single point of contact to bring any questions or escalations to.


Naturally you will invoice this out to your clients as your own service,  but for reference you can demonstrate to the clients the value of the end service option from the RRP on our website . 




Will the price of the premium tier increase?

Nope, if the price needs to go up it will be for new services,  we would be very surprised if we need to raise prices on existing customers. 


When do you plan to release the Mac and Linux agent?

The RoboShadow team anticipates a release of the Mac and Linux agent in early September. We are sorry its taking so long.


Will the LAN Scanner be Free?

Yes AND no. To meet our mission statement we need to offer it for Free,  but we have to try and make money somehow. It will probably be free for the first 3 scans or something like that (to be decided). s

Can my clients rely solely on Windows Defender?

Windows Defender is a strong security tool that protects against malware, ransomware, viruses, and other cyber threats. It is a reliable antivirus software.  If you cant afford more EDR type services offered by the likes of Defender for endpoint (Microsoft upgrade), Sentinel One, or Crowd Strike and you only have "Anti-Malware" in your budget then Defender does a great job (Free version),  check the benchmarks online for yourself. 


Any questions or need further information?

Addtionally if you have any questions or need further information, don't hesitate to reach out to us through our social media channels. Follow RoboShadow on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for updates on cybersecurity trends, industry insights, and product developments.

Join our cybersecurity community to engage in discussions, ask questions, and receive prompt and informative responses from our dedicated team. Expand your knowledge and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity with RoboShadow. Start your cybersecurity journey today.


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